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DZYS series tumbler screening machine

DZYS series tumbler screening machine
General Description
DZYS series tumbler screening machine is a kind of inertial equipment with mature technology and wide-range application.Its new design Philosophy and unique structure making it the closest to manual screen machine .The swinging screen have bright application prospects for because of its perfect screening effectiveness . From the aspect of its track motion,it is a non-linear inertial vibrating screen .The swinging screen is particularly applicable to  classify fine particles and powder by reason of its unique structure and working principle .It is not only apply to dry sieving but also wet sieving. It is widely used in mine,building material, metallurgy, foundry, abrasive material, chemical, light industry, medical, food and other industry.
the screen surface and screen frame of this equipment can be made by different meterials and designed by different technical process, and can conveniently be made into the multi-layer stacking machine. Its whole sealing structure prevents materiel dust from moving out away, so no worry about air pollution;On the other hand,it is quite easy to install  supporting facilities used for drying ,cooling .dedusting ,cleaning etc.
1.High efficiency, refined design, duration and low cost of maintenance .
2.Low frequency,light load,the power system equipment cause little damage to the swing screen and the material
3.Small volume light weight, easy installation, low power consumption, low noise.
4.High output, High efficiency,the filtration efficiency is more than 95%
5. sealing structure, no powder pollution
6. The adjustable range of the discharge port is 0-360 degree
7,Easy to change replace the mesh screen, suitable for classifying both wet and dry materials.
8. The problem of jaming is easily solved by installing cleaning device

 ‘DZ’ stands for Dongzhen Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd
‘YS’stands for the model of the equipment
the components of DZYS tumbler screening machine are as below:
(1) screen-box,(2)isolation device-support spring group(seat fixed)or spring steeve(hanged fixed),(3)dynamical device-exciter with single axis,(4)drive force---asynchronous motor,(5)other ralated accessories.
Working principle:
Because of the motion trajectory of the griddle box,the swing screen is also called compound circle screen.The vibration force produced by the drive system is a kind of inertia force which is circling the dead axle and changing regularly.Intrinsically,it is a kind of centrifugal force given by the eccentricity mass circling around the dead axle.The sieve is ususlly installed horizontally or with tiny angle(0°-5°).The principle is:when you
start the machine,the vibrating part ---the screen box takes circling motion under the influence of the vibrating force. The screen box drive the sieve to take circling motion periodicity,so the material on screen surface take bounce motion,meanwhile,the material less than the aperture drop to the next deck,and the oversize are discharged by the outlet.Finally ,the screening work is completed. From the aspect of  its structure and working principle, the exciter can circumgyrate in two ways according to the motion of the material ,uniformily or contrarily.As a result ,we’d better make a choice between throughput and efficiency according to our practical demand.

Technical parameters


1, Technical parameters listed in the table are under the normal and rated power condition,refer to the gravel materials of bulk density 1.5-2.5 and moisture content  ≤ 5%
2,The size listed in the table are all normal data of finalized product, for referance only, the specific parameters defined according to the different technical details
3,We sincerely advice users communicate well with our technicians inorder to make reasonable and scientific decision.

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